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Turf Management


For over 40 years, Prairie West’s full-service lawn maintenance programs have helped Calgary homeowners maintain healthy and luscious green lawns.  Our integrated team of certified horticulturists, industry-trained lawncare technicians, and detail orientated senior management ensure your lawn gets the attention it deserves.

We keep your lawn vibrant, healthy and free of weeds.

Prairie West works with each of our clients to determine the best Turf Care management program based on their budget, needs and the unique condition of their lawn.

For those looking to take the extra step in having a beautiful lawn, while also minimizing their impact on their local ecosystems, certified organic fertilizing options are available.

Turf Care Management Programs:


Two granular fertilizer application
(Spring & Summer)

One weed control application



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Two granular fertilizer application
(Spring & Summer)

Two weed control applications
(Late Spring & Summer)



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Spring Aeration

Three granular fertilizer application
(Spring, Summer & Fall)

Two weed control applications
(Late Spring & Summer)


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Certified Organic

Two applications
(Late Spring & Summer)


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Our fertilizers are produced locally in Alberta and tailored to the season and your lawns needs, with all of our fertilizers containing sulphur to help combat Calgary’s naturally alkaline soils.

  • Spring: Quicker release high Nitrogen fertilizer, 25-10-12-(5), to encourage a lush, green lawn, early in the growing season.
  • Summer: Slow release, 24-8-15-(4), PCU coated, fertilizer to maintain nutrients being fed to your lawn through out the summer months
  • Fall: High Phosphorous and Potassium fertilizer, 14-16-10-(12) to strengthen the root systems and prepare the lawn for winter.

Our full-service Healthy Lawns program can include any of the following services or can be bundled together for additional savings!

  • Horticulturist Inspection & Consultation
  • Granular Organic/Chemical Fertilizer
  • Cut and Trim
  • Aerating
  • Top Dressing
  • Insect Management
  • Spring Clean-Up
  • Power Rake (Dethatching)
  • Fall Clean Up

Please contact our team for any inquiries about particular packages or individual services you require.

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